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鈥楽ept. 12, 1891. 鈥楴ov. 4, 1878.鈥擨 have come to Amritsar for a few days, for the Confirmation, and had the pleasure of receiving your dear letter of October 1st yesterday.... How can beloved St. George send me such bad advice? I like his example better than his counsel. What did he do in time of trouble? Stick to his post like a Tucker! Those of our Missionary family, with whom I have spoken on the subject,[87] all agree with me that we should never desert our flocks. What sort of army would that be, in which all the officers ran away at sight of an enemy?... But take no thought about me, dear one. Unless we meet with serious reverses in Afghanistan, I do not see danger of a rising, especially in the Panjab, where, on the whole, I think that we are considered tolerable rulers. � CHAPTER III 鈥業 was reading the Commandments aloud in a village yesterday, when a bright young Hindu Pandit鈥攔ather well read鈥攐bjected to the Second. The poor fellow was probably conscious that he himself was constantly breaking the Second Commandment. It interested[478] me to hear a middle-aged sensible-looking Sikh take the other side, quietly, and with perfect good-temper. Each of the men afterwards accepted a Gospel, one in Gurmukhi, one in Urdu.鈥? The more closely modern Missionaries can approximate[211] to Early Church Missionaries, the better. One can hardly picture S. Paul as settling down in a very luxurious bungalow, with a very huge amount of luggage; and though the conditions of life are greatly changed, and allowance has to be made for the change, yet the principle and spirit of Missionary work remain the same. Things harmless may become harmful, if they prove an actual hindrance to success in the work, if they cause an actual lessening of influence. The question should be,鈥攏ot, How much may I allow myself?鈥攂ut, How little can I do with? This was the question asked by Miss Tucker, and she set herself bravely, as the years went on, to test and to prove how much or how little was truly needed. av大片,aV欧美网,日本毛片,亚洲日韩天堂在线 鈥楧ec. 12, 1867. 鈥業 send you on the other page a few lines which came into my mind yesterday in regard to my sweet Letitia:鈥? Myriads of Spirits, that e'er Men were made, 鈥業 am right,鈥?she said. 鈥楢nd I think your plan was wrong.鈥? 鈥極h, I don鈥檛 think we shall go away,鈥?she said.