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After all, Adidas has come up with a $250 shoe with a microprocessor in the sole that instantlyadjusts cushioning for every stride. Asics spent three million dollars and eight years鈥攖hree morethan it took the Manhattan Project to create the first atomic bomb鈥攖o invent the awe-inspiringKinsei, a shoe that boasts 鈥渕ulti-angled forefoot gel pods,鈥?a 鈥渕idfoot thrust enhancer,鈥?and an鈥渋nfinitely adaptable heel component that isolates and absorbs impact to reduce pronation and aidin forward propulsion.鈥?That鈥檚 big bucks for sneaks you鈥檒l have to toss in the garbage in ninetydays, but at least you鈥檒l never limp again. � "If Mr. Walton was out on a trip, his idea of making a tennis date would be to radio our aviationdepartment when he was a few minutes out from landing and have them phone me with a time. I wouldget the call at eleven, find him a partner, and he would be playing by noon."So tennis became my outlet for organized competitive sport and exercise. But my real passion outsideWal-Mart has always been my bird hunting. I have to say it's probably my one self-indulgent activity. Iloved it so much that I just made it part of my way of doing business from early on. As soon as we got home, we started calling our store workers "associates" instead of employees. Thatmay not sound like any big deal to some folks, and they're right. It wouldn't have meant a thing if wehadn't taken other actions to make it real, to make it something other than window dressing. The decisionwe reached around that time, to commit ourselves to giving the associates more equitable treatment in thecompany, was without a doubt the single smartest move we ever made at Wal-Mart. � Just to pull even, Juan would have to steal back close to one minute every mile, and he was aboutto enter the worst possible place to start trying: a seven-mile stretch of asphalt. Ann, with her road-racing expertise and air-injected Nikes, could uncoil her long legs and let fly. Juan, who鈥檇 nevertouched blacktop until that day, would have to handle the strange surface in homemade sandals. caoprom超碰公开国产 � � � � �