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� � "But had you made similar reports to Mr. Wilford?" persisted Kennedy, with some purpose. � As we left them and hurried toward the laboratory, I found myself wondering whether she might not have been the visitor to Wilford whom the tenant had overheard talking in Wilford's office. As for the why of such a visit, I was forced to admit I had no explanation. 654726 AV天堂網 "'I seemed to be attacked by a bull. It was in a great field and I fled from it over the field. But it pursued me. It seemed to gain on me.' That's where the first hesitation came, and right there we come to a very important 'complex,' I think. There was practically no change until we come to this part where the bull chases her. Did you get that?" � � 鈥楥lerical work, including shorthand and typewriting.鈥? �